The GIFT Block Ciphers

GIFT is a family of two very lightweight block ciphers: GIFT64 and GIFT128.


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NIST lightweight cryptography competition

GIFT is used as subpcomponent of several NIST lightweight cryptography competition candidates, notably GIFT-COFB.


The CHES 2017 paper can be found on the Springer page (conference slides here) and the updated and full version of the article is available on ePrint. You can also find here a work on threshold implementations of GIFT by Gupta et al.


You can find test vectors and reference C implementations for both versions of GIFT on the GitHub repository of GIFT.

You can find in this GitHub repository very efficient 8-bit AVR, 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 and general 32-bit implementations of GIFT and Authenticated encryption GIFT-COFB.

You can find efficient reference, round-based and fully unrolled hardware implementations of GIFT on this GitHub repository. You can also find extremly low-area hardware implementation on this GitHub repository.

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